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Project Brief


The Wildlife Defence League's mission is to end the exploitation of wildlife in the province of British Columbia. They work to raise awareness of the issues facing wildlife in BC. Through presentations, community outreach and speaking engagements, they aim to empower the public in taking action to defend wildlife from exploitation.

The One That Got Away

When WDL came to me for a brand and web package, I was excited to work together, and couldn't wait to get started. So much so, that I started work before receiving back the client questionaire or going through the usual processes. I have a love for First Nations artwork and it has influenced many of my personal drawings. I was energize at the thought of getting to use this style of logo on a project.

After creating this logo and showing it to the client, a great conversation was started. Of course the client loved it, but we both weren't sure if using a logo that incorporated sacred First Nation symbols was appropriate. I am not First Nations and neither is my client. We both admire the First Nations culture and out of respect for authenticity we jointly decided that we would move on to different directions. This logo is a celebration of First Nations art and it's influence on me, not an appropriation.

Next First Step

The Wildlife Defence League needed a brand identity that represented the various services they were providing. These included: wildlife protection, defensive activism, active in-field protest and animal right justice. They needed more than a logo, they needed a badge.

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