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Project Brief



Beyond Boarding is a group of snowboarders, surfers, artists and friends that strive to stand up against environmental and social injustices. They work together as a collective to share the voices of front line communities and take action to move towards a better future. Outdoor sports is their passion and they want to showcase how it can be combined with both environmental and humanitarian activism to change the world.


When Tamo Campos first approached me to re-design the Beyond Boarding brand, they were known as Boarders Without Boarders. Unfortunately, that name had already been taken and Tamo was asked to stop using it. So, the first step of the rebrand was to come up with a new name! Beyond Boarding directly tied to the core of what Tamo and his team do. Next I pursued many design avenues for the logo. I explored many things associated with snowboardinging, activism, solidarity, taking action, and cooperation. In the end the chosen design integrated the two 'b' letters woven together with a snowcap effect at their peak. The circle was not only a throw back to Tamo's original logo, but also a stamp of solidarity and unity.



Digital Home Base


Beyond Boarding needed to have a very professional website that would be a soapbox for their plight and also leave a good first impression with some potential supporters and donors.



Beyond Boarding rasied enough money online and through grass roots fundraising to finance the Belé Project.

"Belen" follows Tamo Campos and David MacKinnon on a quest to give back. Channeling the passion and energy from their privileged lives as Canadian snowboarders, and after a year of fundraising, they travel to Peru to help a struggling community. After a month in the Amazon basin the journey continues, and drastically switches gears. A short plane ride and they are in the heart of the Chilean winter season. A road trip south and they are climbing Chile’s Andes, riding fresh snow and reflecting on their time in Belen. Keeping their quest in mind, they investigate local aid groups helping to create affordable shelter for the underprivileged. With artistic cinematography and focused interviews, Belen tells a story of passions being directed toward the service of others.


Tamo was so pleased with results from the Beyond Boarding branding that he approched me to see if I would be interested in creating logo for their next project, a documentary film. The only catch was that I had one day to create it! Tamo and the Northern Grease crew had already created a trailer for the documentary and needed to submit it to the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival with logo by the following day.

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Northern Grease is a film documenting a carbon neutral vegetable oil-powered bus trip 5,211km across Alberta and BC in an effort to showcase the destructive nature of the various industrial projects which B.C. and First Nations communities are currently facing. The trip follows snowboarders; Tamo Campos, Jasper Snow Rosen and John Muirhead as they aim to educate and spread awareness of the threats that face these parts of Canada. The film will inspire audiences to act as they see these athletes actively working on solutions, and taking leadership to effect change in the problems they find. Even though they live in a bus the riders take part in a lifestyle that includes carbon neutral travel, going plastic free, eating sustainable food, signing petitions, writing letters to MPs, voting, and participating in local activist communities. The film showcases talent and entertainment, while promoting leadership and action on the issues at hand.